Tourism Enterprise Co. ESG Report 2018


ESG Assessment Report of Tourism Enterprise Co.


ESG Assessment Report of Tourism Enterprise Co.. ESG Invest, the ESG assessment division of Sustainability Excellence, is the most comprehensive ESG assessment and rating agency in the world with regard to coverage of the Middle East. ESG Invest evaluates and scores the ESG performance of hundreds of publicly listed companies in the Middle East.

This includes the assessment of more than 700 companies across nine regional markets across 43 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria spanning 140 quantitative and qualitative KPIs.

ESG Invest rating methodology is conceptually sound as it is based on stringent international standards, regional strategic roadmaps, and national visions. ESG Invest methodology highly values material ESG factors that can affect operational and financial performance of companies from a risk management perspective. The methodology is based on the principle of materiality which combines an assessment of stakeholders and shareholders exposure to risks.

ESG Invest data is collected from publicly disclosed corporate and stakeholder sources such as sustainability reports, annual reports, company websites, and media channels. The collected data is assessed against key ESG criteria and then translated into quantitative scores ranging from 0/100 to 100/100. The overall analysis is summarized in company specific ESG reports.

ESG Invest ESG reports provide in-depth detailed analysis of the level of integration of ESG issues at the company core business activities and assessing the company exposure to tail risk events and opportunities, are able to reveal hidden risks or opportunities that may not be captured by mainstream financial analysis.

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