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Make informed investment decisions aligned with your values, focusing on the Middle East's rapidly growing sustainable market. We offer comprehensive ESG ratings on over 800 listed companies, providing an in-depth analysis of their environmental, social, and governance practices.

- Granular Insights: Our robust methodology utilizes over 140 key performance indicators (KPIs) across 43 essential criteria, giving you a clear picture of a company's sustainability efforts.
- Invest with Impact: Align your investments with your values by supporting companies committed to environmental responsibility, social progress, and strong governance.
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Empower your investment decisions with unparalleled access to raw ESG data. Go beyond ratings and unlock the power of in-depth analysis, focusing on the Middle East's rapidly growing sustainable market.

- Quantitative ESG Data: Dive deep into over 140 key performance indicators (KPIs) and 43 essential ESG criteria. Analyze raw data to gain a comprehensive understanding of a company's sustainability practices.
- Customizable ESG Data Insights: Craft your own ESG analysis tailored to your specific investment goals and values. Identify trends, benchmark company's performances and make informed investment choices backed by comprehensive ESG analytics.
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Gain a clear picture of your portfolio's sustainability performance with our intuitive ESG Portfolio Insights Dashboard. Track your impact and identify areas for improvement, allowing you to make informed investment decisions.

- Effortless Monitoring: Upload your portfolio holdings and instantly track their overall ESG score and performance across environmental, social, and governance factors, benchmarked against relevant industry or market averages.
- Actionable Insights: Track your portfolio's evolving ESG performance, identify sustainability strengths and improvement areas, and adjust investments to align with your values.
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